Installment policy

Installment policy

To create the best conditions for customers when buying products at NewTechshop. We would like to introduce 2 installment policies at NewTechshop as follows:

1: Installment payment by credit card

2: Installment without credit card


Ho Chi Minh City customers: You can choose one of two installment installments.

Customers in other regions: Only participating in the form of “0% installment payment by credit card”

How to join the installment program at NewTechshop: 0% installment payment via credit card

Step 1: Choose the installment payment method: Via credit card

Step 2: Choose your pre-payment amount by% (from 0% to 90%)

Step 3: Choose an installment bank:

Choose one of the following banks: Sacombank, VPBank, Techcombank, Shinhan Bank, Eximbank, VIB. CitiBank, SeaBank, HSBC, TPBank, Maritime Bank, Standard Chartered, SCB, ANZ, FE Credit, Nam A Bank, OCB, Kien Long Bank

Select card type: VISA / MasterCard

Select installment cycle: Choose installment period 3,6,9,12,24 (depending on the type of card, there will be different installment milestones)

Example: 12 months – 1,379,080 VND / 1 month: Meaning: you will pay in installments for 12 months and each month you have to pay 1,379,080 VND.

Installment without credit card

This installment policy does not use credit cards, users only need to bring identification documents such as ID card, driver’s license,… The procedure is simple, fast.

With the installment payment, customers can buy the surface they want, with low interest rates, no economic problems or having to spend a large amount of money to buy immediately. 

Simple loan terms

All Vietnamese citizens over the age of 18 match the requirements.

Note: Installment without credit card is only available for customers living in Ho Chi Minh City. Customers in other regions can only join the form: 0% installment payment via credit card)


For loans under 10 million: Provide ID card + Driver’s license

For a loan of over 10 million: Provide ID card + household registration book

Processing time: about 10 – 30 minutes

Interest rate: The re-interest rate will be based on the loan term (6 – 9 – 12 months) and the amount of the loan.

How to: You can go to NewTechShop or visit a bank branch to transfer money to NewTechshop bank account.

Contact HOTLINE immediately to join this installment payment method: 0933.040.828